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Our business is split into three divisions: flatbeds, chips, and specialized. All three operations are under one roof, but are thought of each separately due to
the type of hauling performed.

The chip division operates 85 drivers and tractors, the flatbed division offers 60 drivers and tractors and the specialized division offers 30 drivers and tractors. We train our drivers well
and make sure they understand that safety always comes first!

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  • Because of this experience, we have developed a management system that meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers. All of our original customers are still with us, proving that efficiency and realiablity come with experience.

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Equipment Maintenance Shop



Billy Barnes Enterprises is dedicated to maintaining a thorough inspection on all equipment.
Because our customers and drivers expect good, clean, safe, and well maintained equipment, Barnes’ employees are dedicated to providing the highest level of maintenance in the industry!

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